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ode to joy @lupicalite

思い出した時に、 涙が落ちたのは。

神のまにまに — 樋口 楓


hiya i’m venus, but i’m also known as rye ! i’m 15, a scorpio sun, libra m, isfp-t, and i’m a qts moderator + pockytime event manager
my pronouns are mainly they/them. i’m a bit of a picky eater & i have a bunch of allergies (especially towards cats)

mint chocolate chip ice cream is good.

i think we could do it if we tried, if only to say you’re mine

idk much about bandori /enstars ++ all anime (but lwa) are in progress
anigames ! pjsekai, genshin, bandori, bsd, lwa, kakegurui, maid-sama!, enstars
other things venus likes is water, bubble tea, noodles, music, mango juice.. just get to know em tbh
two things venus notably dislikes are feeling like they’ve wasted time & being stressed ):
timers 〜 mm/dd/yy
02/21/22 • first date
11/13/20 • genshin
sometime 09 • bandori
08/30/21 • pjsekai

chatime order: roasted milk tea

before u interact 〜typing quirks, rarely uses text tones, sometimes very energetic, makes jokes, is playful & sarcastic, swears (using abbreviations, etc)
don’t interact if 〜 ♡ lgbtqphobic, racist, fatshame, a jerk, basic dni, -13 +18 (friends ok!), not moots/ur a random person, says “hi” & small talks
first few impressions mean quite a bit to me

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